Rules of the photoshoot contest

  1. The contest must be entered as a collaboration between the photographer and
    model(s). The cosplayer can enter the contest as a model for two different photographers
    at maximum.

  2. The contest will feature a preliminary judging*, of which ten (10) of the best photos are
    chosen. These will later be judged by the final panel of judges. The preliminary and final
    judging will be conducted by a panel of different judges.

    • A preliminary judging will be held in case the contest is entered by more than 15
  3. The contest must be entered with the final photo as well as the original image the
    way it was featured in the camera.

  4. The long side of the image should be 2048 pixels.

  5. The images must be sent through a file sharing program such as Dropbox or Google

  6. The image must be named according to the following guidelines:
    f.ex. nameofphotogapher_raw.dng and nameofphotographer_edit.jpg

The latest date to publish / sign up with a photo is Jan 31st, 2018 at 8 pm. Any
images delivered / published after this time will not be applicable for the contest.
Any files named incorrectly may also lead to reduction in points.

Judging criteria for the photoshoot contest

  1. Technical expertise of the image (is the image burnt, quality of sharpness, are there cutoff
    toes, etc.).

  2. Instruction of model(s) and/or natural pose in the image.

  3. Likeness to source / original character.

  4. Splendor of the image.

  5. Meaning and/or story behind the image.

  6. Insightful use of the shoot location.

  7. Content of the image.