Costume contest and photoshoot contest

The cosplay competition consisted of 8 competitors and the photoshoot competition 12 cosplay photographs. The top three of both competitions were rewarded with a trophy and gift cards. The top three of the costume competition were awarded with a gift certificate to Eurokangas and the top three of the photoshoot competition with a gift certificate to Rajala Pro Shop.

The costume contest was judged by AG cosplay & photography, Aselea Cosplay, Elzy Cosplay and our guest of honor Reika. The photoshoot competition was judged by Biitti, Cosplayphotographer Neiti Nina and photographer Enni Laitinen.

The costume contest was a solo contest and does not include a performance. The winners were selected solely based on the costume. The photoshoot contest was meant for cosplay photographers and models.


Photoshoot contest

1. AG

Model: Elina Rimpiläinen | Source & character: RED GARDEN: Dead Girls, Kate Ashley

2. Lunalle

Models: Welqq & Wanzqq | Source & character: Danganronpa, Genocider Syo and her "master's" foot (Byakuya Togami)

3. megurinemagnet

Malli: Pre-Ty | Source & character: Nanatsu no Taizai, Meliodas

Costume contest

  1. Pret-Ty
  2. Dragoneri
  3. Walkier from LemonBlast Cosplay

Congratulations to all winners! The photos of the costume contest's winners will be added when we get them.


Find out more about the rules of the photoshoot contest here and the judging criteria here. Find out more about the rules of the costume contest and categories here.

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