Volunteering at Umicon?

Volunteers are the backbone of each successful event, whether it be a music festival, city festival, or Umicon organized by SCT Ltd. Application has been closed, thank you for all applicants!

Informationg about volunteering

The minimum work requirement for volunteers is a total of 8 hours, which come in two shifts of 4 hours each. You may work on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. The age restriction for Umicon volunteers is 15 years of age.

If you have registered as an unemployed job seeker and would like to volunteer at Umicon, we kindly request you first contact your TE office. Since SCT Ltd. is a private company, it is possible that volunteering may conflict with your unemployment benefits. You can read more about the Finnish TE services here.

Benefits for volunteer workers and security team?

  • Our volunteer workers will receive:
  • Entry ticket for the full weekend (worth 40 €)
  • Floor accommodation from Friday to Sunday if needed
  • A warm meal on a workday
  • Access to snacks and service at the staff break room (Greenroom)
  • A treat provided by Manga Cafe
  • A staff T-shirt

We are looking for volunteers in:

  • Ticket sales and exchange
  • Cloakroom
  • Lounge host and management
  • Accommodation supervision
  • Info desk
  • Greenroom assistance
  • Gaming room
  • Cleanup
  • General assistance

Or would you rather host programming at Umicon? Read more at our Offer Programme page!

For any further questions, please contact us at tyovoima@umicon.fi