Venue - Logomo, Turku

Logomo is located in the near vicinity of the Turku central railway station. It is also within walking distance from the coach station. The distance between the railway station and Logomo is only 700 meters; the distance between the coach station and Logomo is 1 km.

Location address: Logomo, Köydenpunojankatu 14, 20100 Turku.

Parking at Logomo is 1.5 € per hour, except for those with a disability parking permit.


Below you will find the floorplan to Logomo including the entrances during Umicon.

1. Dealers’ Den
2. Cloakroom
3. Isosali (Grand hall)
4. Logomo Kitchen
5. Teatro
6. VR Theatre
7. Gaming room
8. Move 1
9. Move 2
10. Manga library / relaxation zone
11. Artists’ Alley
12. Autograph signing space for Guests of Honor
13. Toilets

  • arrows = entrances
  • red box = elevators in use
  • blue box = staircase