General rules of Umicon

At our event, we will abide by Finnish laws and the regulations of the city of Turku. Event security has the right to confiscate any weapons, substances or objects they deem unsafe during the event, for the entire duration of the event. Our security also has the right to remove any person from the premises if they are to deliberately go against the rules and/or any orders issued by the security, as well as have their ticket revoked.

Weapons and Props

Carrying real weapons or firearms at the event is not allowed. Weapons and firearms include any working bow-like weapon, guns, any weapon with a sharpened edge, or bludgeons made from wood or hard material. If your cosplay includes f. ex. an airsoft gun, it must be marked properly beforehand. The barrel of the pistol needs to be marked with tape for the length of 2 cm from the tip and on the handle. Longer weapons need to be marked for the length of 2 cm from the tip of the barrel and 3 cm on the stock. The nozzle of the gun must be covered at all times. If you’re unsure how to properly mark your prop gun, our security will provide tape at the doors of the venue. Weapons must be kept secure during the event so as to not cause harm to the other visitors or the venue.

Props are not to be made of material any harder than wood. During your visit in the Dealers’ Den, Artist Alley, arcade or any programming, you are to leave any bigger props in the cloakroom. If your prop needs special attention (f. ex. during the cosplay competitions), please be in contact with Some vendors may sell replicas of katanas and knives. These purchases are to be delivered straight to the cloakroom after the purchase.

Alcohol and other substances

Alcohol and drugs are not allowed within the venue. Any intoxicated persons will be escorted out of the venue and their ticket will be revoked. Smoking is prohibited inside the venue as well as in close proximity of any entrance. This includes tobacco related products and behaviour such as vaping.

Mind your behavior

Let’s keep the venue clean together! This means disposing of any rubbish and waste in the waste bins inside and outside the venue. If you notice an area with lots of rubbish, or an empty water dispenser, please inform our staff.

Please remember to honor the privacy of all con-goers and their right to not be touched or disturbed. Always ask for permission before you take a photo. Do not hug someone or touch their costume without consent. Be mindful of your surroundings and do not block walkways, hallways or stairs. Any sort of harassment of the staff or other visitors will lead to removal from the venue and having one’s ticket revoked.