Dealers’ Den

Umicon’s Dealers’ Den is located at the Logomo main hall, in the near vicinity of the entrance. The Dealers’ Den is open on both days of the event.


  • Backstreet
  • Bard & Jester
  • Bearel
  • Elämänpuu Design
  • Fantasiapelit
  • Game Over
  • Pelaaja Shop
  • Headhunter Store
  • HenDaNe
  • Hiekkakakku
  • IroIro
  • Manga Cafe
  • Talking to myself jewelry
  • Sangatsu Manga
  • Project.C.K.
  • Urumi
  • Worbla kauppa

Looking to be a commercial vendor/presenter?

You may purchase commercial space for the weekend at the Dealers’ Den, where you can sell products or present your services to Umicon visitors. Interested? More information about our commercial vendor and presenter spaces can be found on our Corporate Sales page or at