Corporate sales

Umicon’s Dealers’ Den is located at the Logomo main hall and divided into six (6) different corporate spaces, where vendors may choose their own division. All vendors and presenters will be announced before the event on our Dealers’ Den page. We will headline the announcement as well as share it through our social media channels.

Vendor/presenter area

We offer sales areas for 240 € + VAT 24 %. The price includes a 4 square metre sales area, two chairs and a table. Additional squares cost 60 € + VAT 24% per square. Every 4 square metre area includes an extra table and chairs if needed.

For any further questions or direct reservations, please contact us at

Marketing and advertising at the event

We offer multiple options for marketing at our event: print advertising, advertisements before and after programming, banner ads as well as advertising on our website (incl. banners). Each marketing deal is customized specifically for the client.

For more information, please contact